25 Photos of Summer in Maine on Film

This past August, Alli and I escaped up north to Maine for a roadtrip we’d discussed for a long time. Originally, our plan was to be in Iceland in August, but alas, 2020 decided things would go in a different direction. While I do miss Iceland immensely every day, I am so glad we were able to make this trip happen and explore some parts of Maine we’d both never visited before. Our route took us up the coast via Route 1 and many back roads from Portland to Pemaquid Point, and then we shot far north into the Maine Highlands to spend 5 days in Baxter State Park. While in Baxter, we spent 2 days at South Branch Pond Campground, then the following 3 days at Abol where we made a successful summit of Katahdin. After Baxter, we cut back across the state over to the Bold Coast, backpacked and camped along the coast, and then spent three days in Lubec before returning home. The trip was everything I needed after 5 months spent at home without leaving the confines of Rhode Island, which is very beautiful in it’s own way but also very small. I shot mostly film on this trip, which let me slow things down and enjoy the time outdoors, without cell reception and often electricity. We lucked out with postcard-perfect weather for most of the trip and after finding the same luck consistently over the last several years, I am now officially always returning to Maine the week before Labor Day. Still fairly long and warm days turn softly into cool nights that allow for heavy flannels and time by the fire.  Below are some of those film photos from our time in the Pine Tree State. All of these were shot on my M6 using Kodak Portra 160 or 400 and developed at State Film Lab in Kentucky (not an ad, I just really love the results from there after trying out a handful of different labs).