A Sleepy Fall in Lunenburg

I have a whole boat load of photos from the Canadian Maritimes and 15 rolls of film undeveloped but before I share those, I have a short photo essay from Lunenburg. I knew Lunenburg was going to be a cool little town, but I really didn’t expect it to strike me in the way it did. The town itself is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site for it’s preservation of the best surviving example of a planned British colonial settlement in North America. Established in 1753, it has retained its original layout and overall appearance, based on a rectangular grid pattern drawn up in the home country. Lunenburg has a rich maritime history full of what I can only imagine are fascinating stories (I’m sort of partial to this northeastern corner of the Atlantic and find it’s history really, really interesting). It’s a sleepy little port town with everything you could ask for within maybe 10 blocks’ distance (mostly everything is concentrated on Lincoln and Montague Street). Book stores, good food, coffee shops. You won’t be out late (shops close by 6pm and restaurants by 9pm) but something about walking down the old docks and meandering through the wharves alone at night or in the early morning just made me fall in love with the place. Below are some photos taken from our three days in Lunenburg, along with a few from the nearby fishing village of Blue Rocks.