Bolt Coffee Company

This week, I stopped by the Bolt Coffee roasting location to get a glimpse into the coffee roasting process and photograph a small portion of the tremendous amount of work that goes into each bag of beans or cup of coffee. The time, attention to detail, and hard work that goes into making coffee from farm to cup is something I have always been fascinated by. Justin was kind enough to explain a bit about each step as he started the first roast of the morning, as well as the decaffeination process (sugar processed) of their Colombian decaf offering. If you’re in Providence, I highly recommend stopping by one of their locations and grabbing a bag to take home, my recent favorite has been the Papua New Guinea Kanale.


Over the last year, I’ve been working on a personal project to highlight and share the processes of artists/makers/crafters and other people producing things in my home state of Rhode Island. If you make something and are based in little Rhody, please get in touch—I’d love to photograph a portion of the work that goes into your craft.