Chasing Stars in Charlestown

Last night, I had an urge to get out and shoot the night sky, which is something I haven’t done since I was in Cape Breton this past fall. The moon is still relatively new and the skies were looking clear, so despite the fact that it was 18 degrees with 35mph winds, I decided to bundle up and go for it (I may even do the same tonight). If you’re ever in RI and looking for a good place to see some stars, Charlestown is probably your best bet. This is also by no way just my opinion, as the well known Frosty Drew Observatory is located here. You can always check the local stargazing conditions here for Frosty Drew which is pretty indicative of how things will be in this general area.

One of the aspects I love about shooting astrophotography is how much more calculated it is and how fewer photos you typically end up with. After almost two hours of shooting, I returned home with 18 photos. That’s something that might only ever happen if I was shooting film. The intentionality is something I find refreshing, and I force myself to make sure everything is right before pushing the shutter button. The following photos were all shot with a Rokinon 12mm f/2 lens on my XT-3. Aperture set to 2.0 on all of them, ISO ranging between 1000 and 2500, shutter speeds between 15 and 20 seconds.