Exploring Southwestern Arizona with Ruitertassen

Last month, I took a trip through the desert and explored some places in Arizona I’d yet to see. I’ve been following Ruitertassen for a few years now, and their bags have come with me to some pretty far off places, holding up effortlessly and stylishly to the elements. On this trip, I took their Auguste Camera Bag with me to carry all of my gear, and it was the perfect companion for a shorter trip like this. My camera set up is quite simple, I usually travel with one digital body, a couple of primes, and my M6, which is about the size of a lens itself. I was even able to fit my extra batteries, charger, and a book in the bag with no effort at all. I started the trip out in Phoenix, driving south to explore Picacho Peak and then onto Tucson and Bisbee. From canyons to Saguaro forests, this bag came with me everywhere and felt like nothing was there at all, which is really my goal with any bag. My goal with this trip was to travel light and capture the changing light of the desert. It was a quick escape, and not having to worry about feeling weighed down by a big bag full of gear I wouldn’t use was a great reminder to continue to simplify my process.

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