Familiar Places

With the amount of time and money I spend in gas driving to southern RI/the beaches, it’d probably make some more sense if I got the hell out of Providence and found a place closer to the ocean. I like something about the drive, though. It keeps those places from ever really being taken for granted, because I can’t just go there every day (as much as I’d love to), I have to put some amount of planning into driving there and figuring out my day’s schedule. Some weird sense of love for Providence also probably will keep me here for awhile longer. 

This morning I booked it down to Beavertail and met up with my friend John to catch the sunrise. Winter sunrises, as brutal as they can be, are really something special. With almost no wind at all, the waves were breaking clean and the light shimmered across the glassy water. Just another reminder of why I stay in this little state of ours.