1. Year End on the Vineyard

    01 Jan 2019
    For the last few weeks, I’ve been putting off a weekend trip out to Martha’s Vineyard waiting for a decent window of weather to enjoy some time outdoors. With the year ending, I felt like I wanted to make it out there one last time in 2018 and this past…

  2. Early Christmas in Narragansett

    27 Dec 2018
    Christmas came early to Rhode Island for anyone who surfs. I made it to Narragansett just after sunrise and there were already a decent amount of people catching some pretty big waves. I probably took way too many photos, here are just a few.

  3. First Impressions with the Fuji X-T3

    21 Dec 2018
    I am admittedly not much of a gear junky when it comes to digital cameras. I have been rocking the same Nikon FF body since 2013 and have pretty much only ever used Nikon cameras for all of my commercial work. In 2015, I did pick up a Fuji X-T100…

  4. Familiar Places

    12 Dec 2018
    With the amount of time and money I spend in gas driving to southern RI/the beaches, it’d probably make some more sense if I got the hell out of Providence and found a place closer to the ocean. I like something about the drive, though. It keeps those places from…

  5. A Morning in Charlestown

    09 Dec 2018
    This morning I drove down to Charlestown Breachway to catch the sunrise, I had originally been hoping for some waves but when I arrived, it was glassy and flat. There weren’t too many interesting wave shots to catch, so I turned around realized all of the brackish areas had a…