1. 5 Tips for Shooting Landscape Photography With Your iPhone

    Date 15 Jun 2018
    1) Know your iPhone’s strength’s and weaknesses. For me, this is the most important factor I consider when shooting with my phone. There may be a shot I see that would look incredible if I had my DSLR with a big lens, but the reality of capturing that on my phone…

  2. John-Henry and Cynthia’s Springtime Wedding On Film

    Date 26 Apr 2018
    I am always honored to have the opportunity to document a couple’s wedding day, but it really means a lot to me when a fellow photographer friend asks (let’s face it, there are thousands of photographers to choose from). I was ecstatic when asked by John-Henry if I would not only shoot…

  3. Winter in Scotland

    Date 09 Feb 2018
    72 hours and 450 miles through the Scottish highlands. 

  4. Province Lands

    Date 24 Jul 2017
    If you ever feel trapped in the regional confines of New England, aching for the open country and bigger places, take a drive down Route 6 to the very end of the road and get lost for a little while. 

  5. Green Mountain National Forest - May 2017

    Date 07 May 2017

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