Why I Love This Photograph - Inaugural Edition

Something I have been meaning to do for some time now is to start a blog series that will allow me to highlight just one image and explain why I love it. My goal with this is to share a bit more about what draws me to a particular moment and provide some insight into my process as a photographer. I deliberated for awhile over how often I should post and what I should write but finally decided to just go with it and figure things out along the way. Without anymore delay, here it is!

I have a few moments throughout a wedding day that always tend to be my favorite and one of those is the first 5 minutes after a ceremony has ended. It’s normal for their to be some nervous excitement before a wedding ceremony, but this point, everyone tends to relax a bit more and there are smiles and hugs in every direction you look. I love capturing those embraces, some of which can be between the bride and groom and relatives of their’s that they may not see often from other parts of the country. In this photo, I also really love that there is someone behind Nico in the upper right hand corner snapping a photo—I still get this feeling of near-happy-tears when I look at how much love is in this one photo.