Life isn't scripted, your wedding photos shouldn't be either.

What is documentary wedding photography?

Simply put, documentary wedding photography aims to capture the day through visual storytelling as effortlessly and unobtrusively as possible, without cues, direction, or interference. I won't ask you to hold an impossible pose or do something you wouldn't do on any other day. Your wedding day is meant to be enjoyed, full of laughter, and spent enjoying the moment with the closest people in your life. My job is to capture all of that in a cohesive collection that is true to who you are.

As a photographer, I have made deliberate choices to work primarily with natural light only and smaller, discrete camera systems. Much like a street photographer or photojournalist, my aim is to blend into the room and photograph as if I were just another pair of observant eyes partaking in the celebration. This allows me to capture each couple's wedding day with a clean, natural style while never becoming a distraction. There's nothing worse than a cumbersome photographer barreling down the aisle with piles of gear looking as if they were gearing up for a safari. I have those piles of gear sitting at home, and while they might come with me on expeditions to Norway or Patagonia, they have no place in my wedding work.

We've come a long way with photography in just the last decade alone, and my goal is to continue to adapt in a way so that what I offer isn't what Uncle Joe and his CanoNikon DSLR offer. Anyone with just an iPhone can put people dressed up for the most important day of their lives in front of a camera and snap a half decent photo. Telling a story, documenting the details, and capturing intimate moments without interruption that would otherwise go unnoticed—that's where I come in.

I take on a limited number of weddings per year to offer my full attention and time to each couple before, during, and after their wedding. Because of this, my turnaround times are generally much faster than someone who is doing multiple weddings every weekend. Above all else, I love photographing weddings, and the joy they bring me carries through in the work I produce.

Momentous occasion

A wedding day is a unique opportunity that brings a couple's closest friends and family all together in the same space. I always tell couples that my favorite part of the day is witnessing that gathering of love and support to share in a moment of union. For families spread out geographically, a wedding day might be one of the only occasions where that bride and groom get to have with all of their family members and friends. No two are ever alike, even in the same family. An occasion like this deserves to be documented in a way that feels authentic, natural, and true to all involved. 


Will you travel to X for my wedding?

Absolutely! I am always open for destination weddings or elopements to anywhere in the world. Having covered a fair amount of ground on my own, I am also happy to consult with couples about locations and ideas for their wedding abroad. Destination wedding packages are priced the same as my regular packages, with the addition of applicable travel costs, and will include a day before or after the wedding for a separate portrait session and time to explore.

What preparations do you make before a wedding?

I like to think that I have been fortunate for never having a major dilemma in my career as a wedding photographer, but it hasn't been due to fortune. I am a meticulous planner, always prepared for the inevitable and always ensuring I am ready for whatever comes our way. A month before the wedding day, I send each couple a questionnaire and document to make sure we have all of the timeline details captured. On a technical note, I work with high end professional camera systems at all times with back-up equipment on hand.

Do you offer a second shooter?

Any of my wedding packages can be upgraded to add a second photographer where logistical needs require it. I primarily work alone because by nature, it's a more discrete way for me to capture a wedding day. I have photographed 30 person weddings and 300 person weddings on my own and very rarely find that I need someone else accompanying me to capture everything, but I am always happy to bring in a trusted second professional photographer if there's a want for it.

Do you do video?

In short, no. I am a photographer and my training and background as a professional is in the art of still images. Videography is a separate field of it's own, one that I would be doing an immense injustice towards if I provided this service alongside my photographic work. That being said, I do offer video highlight reels ranging from 3-5 minutes as an add-on that serve as a sort of behind-the-scenes cut of some of the highlights from the day.


His work is a lovely natural mix of candid and professional. He captures moments seamlessly without a loud presence. So much so that I am pleasantly surprised to see many once-in-a-lifetime moments I had forgotten about on our busy day.

Chris is kind, super responsive, organized. He is also full of good ideas, wildly talented, and super pleasant and easy to work with. His style is really beautiful and we knew we'd be happy with photos from him based on the stunning work we had already seen. We are not really comfortable in front of a camera and that does not show in any of the portraits he took of us - we look SO comfortable and happy!

Chris took amazing family pictures of us earlier this month. Our six year old was in a terrible mood but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the pictures he took. He got her to laugh and got some great shots. We’re so so happy with how they came out!

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