Life isn't scripted, your wedding photos shouldn't be either.

What is documentary wedding photography?

Simply put, documentary wedding photography aims to capture the day as effortlessly and unobtrusively as possible, without cues, direction, or interference. I won't ask you to hold an impossible pose or do something you wouldn't do on any other day. Your wedding day is meant to be enjoyed, full of laughter, and spent enjoying the moment with the closest people in your life.  

Why me?

There's no shortage of choices when looking for a wedding photographer. While I have over a decade of experience photographing weddings under my belt, there are others out there with two and three times more than that. What I offer stands apart in that I genuinely understand what moments are the ones you'll want to look back on decades later. In all aspects of my work, I aim to be honest and natural when working with clients. With a formal background in journalism and writing, I understand how a story is told. Because of that, I can provide an experience that separates me from Uncle Joe with a Canon or the newbie offering wedding work for free. I value the art of making photographic images and know what makes a lasting image—most of the time it's simplicity.